what is this?

Every year we get together for Testosteraloosa, a long weekend camping trip somewhere in the Northwest where we can reminisce about growing up, swap stories about life, family, and jobs, and generally let off steam without getting into (too much) trouble. Sometimes we take a snapshot or two so we can remember the glory days when we're shouting into each other's hearing aids, or at least the week after we get back from the trip. Most of those pictures (with a few selective edits) are on this site.

who are you?

Five guys who grew up together in Trout Lake, Washington. We've known each other nearly our whole lives, and you'd think we could find something better to do with our spare time by now.

you must be kidding...

No way, totally serious. We've been doing this since 1997, way longer than anyone thought. Not that it gets any easier as the years go by.